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Global Village children's Project - Wanyabge on Shores of Lake Victoria-wanyange-on-shores-of-lake-victoria

Located in the Jinja District of Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria, Wanyange is home to over 300 as yet unserved AIDS and Covid 19 orphaned children, whose most basic needs - for safe housing, good nutrition, adequate medical care and a decent education – remain unmet. Because they are so very vulnerable, the pre-teen and teenage girls among these orphaned children face the continual risk of sexual exploitation, exposing them to the likelihood, as well, of physical abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancy.

Wanyange, Uganda, Global Village Childrens Project and Anne Muyanga and students on porch of school house

Under the guiding hand of GVCP founder - and Wanyange native - Anne Muyanga, seven of our AIDS orphaned children live at the GVCP Community Center, while seven others are nearby in GVCP supported foster care.

Global Village Children's Project - Donations Brought Solar Panels to GVCP

Funds raised by generous donors in the United States a number of years ago brought solar panels to the GVCP Community Center, putting an end to costly electric bills.

Global Village Children's Project - Nice New Bathroom-nice-new-bathroom

And in the years that followed, donor funded indoor plumbing joined the flow of electricity directly from the sun in dramatically transforming how our orphaned children live!

Global Village Children's Project - Relaxing in the Park

Constructed with lots of love and labor – including hands on help from our GVCP kids – our Community Center’s front yard patio now provides the perfect gathering space for this sign language class.

Global Village Children's Project - First Day at School-first-day-of-schooljpg

A group of our GVCP children enjoy hanging out on the porch with Joshua (left, in checkered shirt) after celebrating his 13th birthday.

Global Village Children's Project - Provides Uniforms, Tuition, Scholastic Materials

The GVCP provides tuition, uniforms and scholastic materials for all of the children in our program. Additionally, on-campus room and board is currently provided for our four university level students.

Global Village Children's Project- Studying Under a Tree

Using one of the computers purchased with donor funding, Josh prepares for tomorrow’s school classes

Global Village Children's Project - Just Arriving at School-just-arriving-at-school

Finally! Our boarding school students are returning to in-person education, as the long lasting COVID lock-down comes to an end.

Global Village Children's Project - Class Photo

After school, and on school breaks, our GVCP young people help with planting, maintaining, and harvesting the food crops that feed our children. And everyone on our team does what they can to help! When we have an abundance, our crops not only feed our kids but also provide some relief for food scarcity among the elderly and more impoverished residents of Wanyange.

Global Village Children's Project - Hard Day's Work Gathering Corn Stalks-hard-days-work-gathering-corn-stalks

Though hidden from view here, Brian is working hard as he helps with mulching the ground in preparation for planting.

Global Village children's Project Noel and Louisa Fetch Water

While working in our crop fields in Budondo, a bit of a drive from the GVCP center, Noel and Louisa fetch water from a well. The water will be used for bathing, cooking, and drinking while living in the mud hut shown in the next row of photos.

Global Village Children's Project - Abi Helps with Daily Chores

Abi helps with daily chores as she emerges from the hut house where our children live while they help with planting, weeding, and harvesting our crops.

Global Village Children's Project - Helping at Harvest Tiimehelping-at-harvest-time

Doing their part to help at harvest time, Eli and Emma take a break to enjoy some of the fruits of their labors.

Global Village Children's Project - Hard Working Teens Take Break

While not far away, some of our hard working teens also take a well deserved break as they chew on some sugar cane that was growing nearby.

Global Village Children's Project - Fruits of Shared Labor

The fruits of shared labors - maize growing in the GVCP fields.

Global Village Children's Project - Time to Gather Crops

Time to gather crops that are ready to be harvested.

Global Village Children's Project - Donated Truck with Harvest

Now, with the harvest loaded onto the truck a GVCP donor so generously gifted us, our gang is heading for home. First stop is to put food in our cupboards. Then, when the harvest is sufficiently abundant, we will share with our neighbors in need. With a vision of expanded irrigation and larger acreage - as funding permits - we look forward to the time when our fields will support sales in the market place.

Global Village Children's Project - Uganda is Not Immune to Drought

Tragically, Uganda is not immune to drought - and even to famine – as our devastated crop land pictured here so sadly depicts. Both our subsistence plantings and our hoped for cash crops have failed on occasion, when rains did not arrive as anticipated, leading to the necessity of our purchasing grain and other foods stuffs on the open market. With donor support we plan to irrigate a large portion of our farmable land to assure our ability to weather future extended dry spells.

Global Village Children's Project - Stream is Tributary to Nile

This stream, a tributary of the Nile that never dries up, will provide an assured supply of water for our next season’s crops – and will also defend us against the inevitable return of drought - as soon as we have raised $5,000 to install a full irrigation system.

Global Village Children's Project - Respopnding to Global Warming

Responding to global warming and the increasingly recurrent droughts isn’t just a farming issue. It impacts the entire community of Wanyange. So, back in town, Eli, joins in on a community conservation project as he plants a tree that will provide beauty, shade, and water retention.

Global Village Children's Project Sam and Brian Raising Kids

Studies and chores are important in raising kids, but equally important are service and play! In the photo above, Sam and Brian – two of the teens in the care of the GVCP – serve as volunteers at the "Home of Hope" – a facility located In Wakitaka, a village near Wanyange, that cares for severely disabled children.

Global Village Children's Project - Recent Graduate Jackie, Brings Smile to Two Faces

Meanwhile, also volunteering at the “Home of Hope”, one of our GVCP young people - Jackie, who recently graduated from Makerere University with a degree in Social Science– brings a smile to the faces of two young boys.

Global Village Children's Project - Time to Dance

And remember that birthday party (above in row 2) that we told you about? Well, the party’s not over, because now it’s time to dance!

Education is our orphaned childrens’ pathway to adult independence. Here are some of our young people who have already successfully navigated that path

Global Village Children's Project - Graduation Day for Silvio

On University graduation day Silvia enjoys a celebratory hug with GVCP Director, Anne Muyanga, upon receiving her degree in business administration. Silvia - whose father died when she was 9 years old – was our first GVCP sponsored college graduate. She now works in the private sector.

Global Village Children's Project - Lin Graduated with Degree in Science Educattion

Both of Lin’s parents had died by the time she was 10, leaving her with her younger brother. When Global Village found them six years later, they were living together as a child-run home, taking care of themselves. The GVCP took on the responsibility of raising both Lin and her brother, providing for their education and allowing them to be kids again. With GVCP financial support, Lin subsequently finished her degree in Science with a minor in Education.

Global Village Children's Project - Noel Graduated with a Degree in Business Administration

Noel’s father died when she was just seven years old. Five years later, Global Village Children's Project welcomed her into our care. As a result of Noel being inspired by the gift of donor provided financial support, she went on to graduate from college with a degree in Business Administration.

Global Village Children's Project - Jackie Graduated with a Degree in Social Science

Jackie’s father died before she was born. Global Village found her when she had dropped out of school because her mother could not raise her school tuition. With financial support from the GVCP, Jackie graduated with a degree in Social Science, the first in her family to go to college.

Global Village Children's Project - Louisa Graduated with a degree in Community Psychology

Louisa’s father died when she was four years old. When Global Village found her, her mother had been struggling to pay for her education for ten years. With financial support from the GVCP, Louisa graduated with a degree in Community Psychology. She is the first in her family to go to college.

Global Village Children's Project - Anne Muyanga Speaks at Wanyange Community Center

Our Director, Anne Muyanga, speaks at a Wanyange community gathering, sponsored by the GVCP. In the audience are a number of the as yet unsponsored local orphaned children. Through partnership with you, these are the children with whom we look forward to one day celebrating their college graduations!


Global Village Children's Project - Children on GVCP Waiting List-1
Global Village Children's Project - Children on GVCP Waiting List-2

The newest member of our GVCP family, Blessing, featured above, is now sponsored. Thanks to all of you that made generous donations to make this possible.

Global Village Childrern's Project - Childrean on GVCP Waiting List-3

The other two youngsters, pictured above, are on the waiting list for utilizing all of the life transformative services that the Global Village Children’s Project is eager to offer them. We will welcome these 2 kids – and the the 300+ children waiting in line behind them – into the care of our GVCP family, just as soon as adequate funding enables us to do so.


We are a growing all volunteer charity providing services to AIDS impacted children and to the Wanyange, Uganda community as a whole.

Right now...

  • 300+ orphaned children are now registered with our project, but our funds only allow us to fully care for 14.

With your help...

  • We can provide services to all the currently registered children and expand to include even more children in need.

Although we are small, every dollar you donate goes to providing life-critical services and has a significant impact on the entire Wanyange community.





Thank you for considering donating to our efforts. Your fully tax deductible donation to our project will be greatly appreciated and used with care.